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General Price List

These prices are effective August 1, 2022 and subject to changes w/out notice

We hope that this price list will help you select the funeral services and merchandise that will best meet the needs of your family.

We have tried to offer you the best values by keeping our prices as low as we can while providing quality services and facilities.

The services and merchandise shown below are those we can provide for our customers.  You may choose only those items you desire.  However, any funeral selections you make will include a charge for our basic services and overhead.  If legal or other requirements are needed but not specifically requested, an explanation will be given in writing on the Statement of Funeral Goods and Services.

For more information on Funeral Cemetery & Cremation Matters, contact:

Department of Consumer Affairs
Cemetery and Funeral Bureau
1625 North Market Blvd. Suite 208
Sacramento, CA 95834

"Prior to drafting any contract for goods or services, the responsible party or the decedent's survivor who is handling the funeral arrangements is entitled to receive a copy of any pre-need agreement in the possession of the funeral establishment that has been signed and paid for, in the full or in part, by or on behalf of the decedent."

Dear Client:

Thank you for your trust that is being displayed by selecting Robert L. Adams Mortuary, Inc. to serve your family in time of need.  Each member of our family and staff joins with me in striving to make this home-going of your loved one a memorial experience filled with pleasant memories that help to ease the sorrow of separation.

For over forty years, Robert L. Adams Mortuary, Inc. has approached this profession with the Christina belief that, "Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal", and we are confident in the promise that, "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord".  

On this Christian foundation, we insist our focus be on service and not profit.  Of course, with any business, we must face the economic challenges before us and set fair and equitable prices.  National and state laws require that we itemize our prices and publish them in a price list format.  We publish this webpage to accomplish that task.

However, we have never based services on prices.  Instead, we believe that every family must be treated with care and dignity.  Always any services can be extended to a family when the need arises to be flexible.

Therefore, while we comply with this legal mandate, in no way should a family consider this price list as establishing a ceiling on available services, irrespective of affordability.  We strive to make every service a memorable experience, leaving your family with beautiful memories based upon love, care, kindness, and service instead of price.

Feel free to ask any of our memorial counselors to tailor a service within you budget and no matter what that budget may be, we will give our best quality and most caring abilities.  That is why families we serve fell the care from each of our employees and often remark, "It was just a beautiful service".

Let us know how we may better serve your family.


Peggy L. Adams

Services & Usage of Facilities

Basic Services of Funeral Director and Overhead:  $1,395.00

Our services include:

  • Conducting the arrangements conference
  • Planning the Funeral
  • Consulting with Family and Clergy
  • Shelter of Remains
  • Preparing and Filing of Necessary Notices
  • Obtaining Necessary Authorizations and Permits
  • Coordinating with Cemetery, Crematory, or Other Third Parties

In addition, this fee includes a proportionate share of our basic overhead cost.  This fee for our basic services and overhead will be added to the total cost of the funeral arrangements you select.  

(This fee is already included in our charge for direct cremations, immediate burials, and forwarding or receiving remains.)  Saturaday Services are additional $350.00

Limousine Service

For Funeral Ceremony (from family home to place of service to cemetery, returning to home or place of service).  Can carry up to seven passengers per vehicle.  Includes use for up to four hours and within a 20 mile radius.

Each limo after will have a driver's fee of $75.00.

Overtime charge of $75.00 up to the first 1/2 hour. (After that hour limit, you will be charged for the entire hour).

Casket Coach (Hearse):  $350.00

For Funeral Ceremony from home to place of service to cemetery.  Includes use for up to four hours and within a 20 mile radius.

  miles beyond a 20 mile radius varies.

Flower Van:  $150.00 Up

From funeral home to place of service to cemetery, within a 20 mile radius

(Required if there are more than ten "normal" floral pieces or any large or other pieces that require special handling)

Transfer of Remains to the Funeral Home:  $295.00

Within a 20 mile radius.  Beyond this radius there is an additional charge.

Delivery (Transfer of Remains from Funeral Home and Return):  $250.00

Pick-up and transportation from Robert L. Adams Mortuary, Inc. to airport, local cemetery or coroner's office (within a 20 mile radius)

Funeral Attendants:  $300.00

Directing  services

Other Preparation of the Remains:  $400.00

Basic restorative arts, cosmetology, dressing, casketing and other necessary care as needed for viewing. 

Embalming:  $500.00

Except in certain special cases, embalming is not required by law.  Embalming may be necessary, however, if you select certain funeral arrangements, such as a funeral with viewing.  If yo do not want embalming, you usually have the right to choose an arrangement that does not require you to pay for it, such as direct cremation or immediate burial.

Refrigeration:  $250.00

The law requires after the first 24 hour period, each day or any part thereof for holding unembalmed and decomposed remains will be charged.

Funeral/Memorial/Ceremony at Robert L. Adams Mortuary or Other Facility:  $375.00 & up

Includes funeral director, Adams Funeral Home Chapel or other facility and necessary staff

Motorcycle Escort:  $250.00

Charge per rider.
City ordinance requires at least two escort per procession (at least one for ever eight cars on streets & one for every five cars on the freeway).  The number of escorts required shall be the judgement of the Escort Service.  Families will be billed for the amount of extra escort required by law.  Motorcycle Escort to Riverside National Cemetery shall be billed at a rate of $400.00 per rider over a 25 mile radius. 31/2 hours only  Saturday $300.00 and up 

Honorarium (For Minister):  $200.00

Paid to the minister who serves as officiate at the funeral ceremony.

Burial Permit (One Required): $12.00 (Price can change without notice)

Issued and required by County Health Department before final disposition of remains; mandatory before internment.  (Some counties charge an additional filing fee for cross filing between counties, when remains are transferred out of the county into Los Angeles).  Additional processing and registration fees can apply.

California Death Certificate Certified Copy: $24.00 each  (Price can change without notice)

Issued and required by County Health Department before final disposition of remains (several certified copies may be required for settling estates).  Typically, bank creditors, insurance companies, probate court, and other legal transfers of money and property require a certified copy.


Applicable sales tax will be added to price of all merchandise services of Robert L. Adams Mortuary, Inc.


Adults Casket: $700.00 - $10,845.00

Infants & Children:  $125.00-1,895.00

A complete price list will be provided at the funeral home.

Outer Burial Containers:  $499.00 and up

In most areas of the country, state or local law does not require that you buy container to surround the casket in the grave.  However, many cemeteries require that you have such a container so that the grave will not sink.  Either a grave liner or a burial vault will satisfy these requirements.  Prices are subject to change.

Rental Casket:  $750.00

A rental casket is designed for the outer shell to be reused and it may have been previously used.  You are purchasing the inside container, which will be cremation according to State and Federal Laws.

Alternative Container:  $175.00-$475.00

Excluded in the Cremation Process Shipping Remains

Out Side Casket: 

When casket is purchased outside mortuary, Robert L. Adams Mortuary will not be responsable for receiving it,  Family  has to be  present. 

Airtray Combination Unit:  $300.00

Upper and lower containers for shipment of human remains by air freight

Aitray:  $350.00

Outer protective shipping container for casket with bottom tray.  This unit is sufficient for air freight when a casket is used.


Memorial Programs:  $185.00-up
We offer a wide variety of memorial programs.  Samples and pricing are available for your inspection.  Custom programs by quotation.

Traditional Programs (200) B/W:  $185.00
Includes one photo, $12.50 each additional photo

Custom Programs: $220.00 and up
Index, tri-fold and traditional programs with multiple pictures

Additional Merchandise

Visitor's Register:  $45.00

Acknowledgement Cards (25 count):  $20.00

Rosary Cards (200 count):  $140.00 - up

Pallbearers Gloves (six pairs, white):  $45.00

Crucifix:  $45.00


If you settle your account with Robert L. Adams Mortuary, Inc. using insurance your bill will require one certified Death Certificate, per each insurance company used to settle the account.  This expense is the responsibility of the family.

Funeral Service Plans

While you may choose only the services and merchandise you desire, you may also select a Funeral Service "Plan".  A total plan price will include all of the items listed for that particular plan.  Sales taxes, death certificates and the clergy honorarium are not included in the plan price.

Traditional Chapel and Church Ceremony Plan:  $4,047.00

Both of these services include basic services of funeral director and staff and proportionate share of overhead, removal, cleaning and disinfecting, embalming, casketing and dressing, beautician, viewing (one day), attendant, processing of death and burial permit, limousine service (one), chapel service or church service, casket coach, committal service at cemetery.

Merchandise included: 1 burial permit, memorial register album, memorial programs Black and White (200), acknowledgement cards (25), and 6 pairs of pallbearers gloves.

Casket is purchased separately.  Tax not included.

Funeral Plans Including Caskets:  $5,342.00

Traditional Ceremonies with  Alex Casket
Same as Traditional Ceremony at Church or Chapel, includes 20 gauge steel casket.  Choice from selection of certain colors.

Graveside Ceremony Plan:  $4,162.00

Includes basic services of funeral director and staff, proportionate share of overhead, removal, embalming, cleaning and disinfecting, limited choice of caskets, casketing and dressing, viewing (one day), and casket coach with committal ceremony, attendant, and processing of death and burial permit.

Merchandise included: choice of cloth (wood) caskets, memorial register album, one burial permit

Direct Cremation

Includes removal, delivery to crematory, basic services of funeral director and staff, proportionate share of overhead, necessary authorization and crematory charges.  If you want to arrange a direct cremation, you can use an alternative container.

Alternative containers encase the body and can be made from materials like fiberboard or composition material with or without an outside covering.

Remains over 200 lb. price will be extra per request of crematory.

Direct Cremation with Container Provided by the Purchaser:  $1,475.50

Direct Cremation with a Fiberboard Container:  $1,660.50

Forwarding of Remains to Another Funeral Home: $2,715.00

Includes removal, embalming, delivery (transfer to airport or another transfer point), basic services of Funeral Director and staff, a proportionate share of overhead cost, and Air Tray.  Does not include permits, fares, shipping charges, casket, viewing, visitation and funeral ceremony.

Receiving of Remains from Another Funeral Home: $2,215.00

Includes basic services of Funeral Director and staff, a proportionate share of overhead cost - Removal from airport (or other local shipping point) to Funeral Home, and delivery of remains to cemetery. Does not include permits or sales taxes.

Immediate Burial: $2,352.00

Includes Removal, Delivery to Cemetery and the necessary staff services. See Casket Price List for casket prices.

Immediate Burial With Casket Provided by Purchaser: $2,352.00

Immediate Burial With Cloth Covered Wood Casket: $3,152.00

Note: Without Exception, Funeral Service Plans do not allow deletions or substitutions in the pricing.  If the services requires a casket, that casket must be purchased from Robert L. Adams Mortuary Inc. Additional charges or additional services, such as mileage and special registration, my apply.  The reasons for such charges, if any, will be explained in writing on the Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected.

Sales tax: All applicable taxes will be added to the cost of merchandise purchased.

If your loved one is removed from our mortuary there will be storage charges and any other charge that have been rendered.

Insurance Processing Fee/ Credit Card 

Families choosing to use insurance policies/assignments to pay for funeral services and merchandise will be assessed a 7.5% insurance processing fee on the total amount of insurance proceeds being used. 

use of  Credit Cards 5.5% 

Robert L. Adams Mortuary Inc. used the services of an insurance processing company (Ford Acceptance Company) in order for Ford Acceptance Company to process these claims the 7.5% processing fee will be included on your contact as a Cash Advance item because it is money that is paid directly to Ford Acceptance Company and not paid to the mortuary.  Your counselor will explain this process in detail before it is included in your contract.  If you choose not to pay this fee, Robert L. Adams Mortuary Inc. will not accept your policy to pay for the funeral services, but will file your insurance claim as a courtesy.   

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